6 Of The Top Gainers In The Crypto Market

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The cryptocurrency market is volatile, with coins and tokens jumping from green to red in seconds. However, a few always stand out, surging ahead of others in the market charts.

The cryptocurrency market continually evolves daily, making it difficult for investors to keep track of the latest trends and movements. In the past few months, we have seen significant price surges in lesser-known digital assets, allowing investors to reap enormous profits.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the top six gainers in the crypto market by looking at the exeedme chart (XED), PumpETH chart (PETH), BlockBank chart (BBANK), Feliz chart (FLX), Wrapped Idena chart (IDNA), and Hertz Network chart (HTZ). These altcoins have emerged as the best performers among the top cryptocurrencies, and investors have reacted quickly.

Exeedme (XED)

According to the exeedme chart, this blockchain-based gaming platform has recently seen a surge in value, with some experts attributing this to the gaming industry’s shift towards blockchain-based systems. The exeedme chart shows have already gained over 1500% this year. With significant partnerships with gaming giants such as Ubisoft, this coin is set to continue climbing.


As the name suggests, PumpETH aims to enable users to “pump” up the value of their cryptocurrency investments through a unique staking system. This has proven popular with investors, with PETH surging over 1200% in the past year. PETH is a coin to watch with an upcoming token swap and more features to be added to the platform.

BlockBank (BBANK)

BlockBank is a fully decentralized platform that allows users to borrow crypto against their assets, similar to traditional banking. It has quickly gained popularity, with BBANK surging over 3400% in the past year alone. With an ever-expanding list of supported assets and secure lending capabilities, it’s no wonder BBANK is making waves in the crypto market.

Feliz (FLX)

This token is designed to enable secure and private transactions over the blockchain, focusing on user privacy. Its unique governance and rewards system has caught the attention of investors, and FLX has surged over 800% in the past year. With more adoption and use cases being explored, this coin is one to watch.

Wrapped Idena (IDNA)

This ERC-20 token is the wrapped form of Idena, a decentralized network that enables users to create secure and trusted digital identities. IDNA has surged over 3200% in the past year, and with more partnerships and use cases being explored; it’s no surprise that this token is gaining traction among investors.

Hertz Network (HTZ)

This DeFi platform allows users to earn interest on their crypto holdings and potentially earn more through liquidity mining. HTZ has already surged over 1500% this year, and with a focus on community governance and security, it’s clear that this platform has much room for growth.

6 Of The Top Gainers In The Crypto Market – In Summary

These six coins and tokens are among the top gainers in the crypto market charts, and for good reason. Whether you’re interested in blockchain-based gaming, decentralized finance, or secure digital identities, there’s a coin here. However, it’s important to remember that the crypto market is volatile, and always do your research before investing in any coin or token.

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