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Are you studying with a friend or study group and you wish you had a way to correct the information in the PDF file they just sent you? One of the benefits of sharing course material or notes in PDF format is that the content cannot be edited.

So, how can you correct your friend’s notes without editing the text? Well, with a powerful PDF annotator like UPDF, you can leave them a note or a comment indicating the wrong section and suggesting changes.

UPDF has numerous annotation tools to help in team or collaborative efforts that use PDF as the primary document format. Here, we look at how you can use this powerful annotator to collaborate more easily.

UPDF’s Powerful Annotation Tools and How to Use Them

The following are some of the options that UPDF gives you in the form of annotation tools;

1. Text Markup

Text Markup options in UPDF are numerous and useful in a number of situations. You can choose to highlight or underline text that you consider important or strikethrough whole sections of text that can be removed from the document without altering the general idea. These markup annotations can be applied to text, images, and other illustrations such as drawings.

2. Add Comments

Adding comments to the document provides you with the best avenue to share your thoughts. You can add comments in the form of sticky notes or a text box and each comment can be dragged to the most suitable location within the document.

3. Stamps and Stickers

Just as you would a stamp to validate the content on a paper document, UPDF’s stamp annotation feature gives you the unique ability to do that electronically. It has a wide selection of more than 100 stamps and stickers to choose from. But if you can’t find one that is suitable for your needs, UPDF allows you to create one.

4. Add Signatures

Do you need to do more than just validate the content? Adding a signature goes a step further and authenticates the document and you can do that just as easily with UPDF. Signatures can be handwritten or drawn directly on the document and then easily dragged to the most appropriate position on the document.

5. Add Shapes

One of the best ways to enhance the text on any document is to add illustrations.  With UPDF, you have the freedom to add all kinds of shapes including rectangles, ovals, lines, and arrows and even combine them for the desired result.

6. Create a Shareable Link

Once you’ve added your notes, comments, stamps, signatures, and anything else you needed, UPDF allows you to easily share the document with others. Creating a shareable link means that members of your team will be able to open and access the document even if they don’t have access to a PDF editor.

Reasons to Annotate a PDF Document

UPDFs annotation tools can be useful in any situation where collaboration is required and PDF documents are used as the primary format.

The following are just some of the scenarios where annotation can prove invaluable;

  • If you want to notify your team member of a problem with the content such as incorrect information or a section that might benefit from more information, adding a comment is perhaps the most appropriate way to do it.
  • Annotation tools are also the best way to fill out a PDF form, authenticate it by adding a signature, and then share the complete document with the relevant authorities. UPDF may therefore come in handy in all kinds of document preparation including tax forms, contracts, agreements, and even application forms.
  • Text markup tools can be useful to a professional editor who would like to point out mistakes in a document. In addition to striking through text that can be eliminated, the editor can use the comments to explain their reasoning.
  • Text markups, comments, and adding shapes can also be a great way to explain the content of the document. This can be especially helpful if the document contains a lot of text data that may be hard for the team to process.
  • Stamps and stickers can also be used to illustrate ideas and how they can be included in the document without editing the text.
  • Annotation tools also give teachers the most suitable way to grade a student’s work electronically.

More Than a PDF Annotator free, UPDF Can Do So Much More

Yet, UPDF is more than just a way to open, read and annotate PDFs. Among its most powerful features is its suite of editing tools. You can use UPDF to edit the text on a PDF document by adding or removing text and even changing the font style, size, and color. It also has image editing capabilities that can help you alter images by replacing them, deleting them, rotating them, or even cropping them.

Its easy-to-use “Combine” feature is the best way to create a PDF file from numerous smaller documents. it is also one of the most accurate PDF converters in the market, allowing users to convert PDFs to a number of other formats including Word, PowerPoint, HTML, and more. The Ai-Powered OCR function will detect the text on a scanned PDF and convert it into searchable and editable formats.

But it is perhaps its unmatched AI tools that can enhance your productivity in ways you never imagined. Use the “Summary” AI tool to extract just the main points on even the most detailed document. Or the “Explain” AI tool to analyze and provide simplified descriptions of even the most complex data. The “Translate” function will do just that; translate a PDF from one language to another. And the “Write” AI tool will help brainstorm ideas for your next project.


Get access to all these features and more when you download the free trial version of UPDF. But if you want to start your most productive PDF journey today, click here for a 54% discount on the full unrestricted version of UPDF Pro.

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