CBD for a Skin Care Routine

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The mention of a skincare routine brings to mind a long aisle of beauty products. The popularity of the cosmetic industry has skyrocketed, proving to be more than a hyped trend. People are eager to achieve smooth, radiant skin.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a leading ingredient in the market believed to offer a natural remedy to skin problems. The compound is widely known for its health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

If you want to incorporate cannabidiol into your skincare routine but wondering where to start, this comprehensive guide will offer the necessary help.

The Rise of CBD for Skin Care

CBD is a naturally occurring element in hemp plants. It acts on the endocannabinoid system, which maintains the body’s homeostasis. The ES controls vital roles, including metabolism, stress, pain perception, and mood.

A compromised endocannabinoid system can lead to signs of premature aging, acne, and dry skin. This is where the CBD skin care products at Moon Mother come in handy. While most cannabidiol products are consumed orally, topical CBD usage is skyrocketing.

Applying cannabidiol directly to the skin binds it to ES receptors to achieve skin homeostasis. As a result, the immune, water retention, and protection functions are regulated.

Benefits of CBD for the Skin

CBD oil is popularly used for joint and muscle discomfort in massage body oil. But the rise of CBD skin care addresses issues like skin barrier repair, dryness, and wrinkles.

Treating Acne

Some studies suggest CBD topicals may treat acne. But results may slightly differ based on the type of acne and how the body reacts to the chemical compound. Acne is a common skin condition that can affect anyone at any age. Sebum protects the skin from dirt, pollutants, and dead skin cells.

But when these elements become trapped, the pores clog, leading to acne. Acne can also result from genetics, excess sebum production, and hormonal imbalances. Medications, diet, and stress levels can also trigger acne.

CBD oil can prevent sebum from creating too much oil. It can also trigger anti-inflammatory reactions to prevent inflammatory cytokines. The cannabis plant is known to have antifungal and antibacterial effects, which may reduce infections on the skin.

Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema affects about 3% of adults and 20% of children. This common condition makes your skin:

  • Painful
  • Flaky
  • Dry

CBD can bind to cannabinoid receptors to provide some health benefits. CBD creams and lotions can relieve some skin conditions, including eczema. Typically, CBD creams are packed with coconut oils, Shea butter, and beeswax. These ingredients are effective in soothing the skin.

Regarding itching, CBD cream can decrease the severity of itching. It may also relieve pain, ease joint discomfort, and improve the skin.

But you may need to check the ingredients in CBD topicals to avoid more eczema aggression. Some creams have terpenes, which can increase itching. People with nut allergies should exercise caution to avoid ingredients that can trigger severe allergic reactions.

Massage a small amount of CBD topical onto the affected area for effective results. Reapply the products as needed until you achieve desired results. But avoid applying creams to broken skin.

Aging and wrinkles

Aging is inevitable, but having wrinkles is avoidable. With an array of anti-aging products on the market, finding a natural remedy can be intimidating. But CBD is proving to offer the necessary help. The antioxidants in cannabinoids help lessen visible and unlikable signs of aging. CBD reduces skin dullness, ruddy skin tone, inflammation, and wrinkles.

Sensitive skin

All skin types are affected by environmental stressors, such as dirt, UV rays, and other pollutants. Some skins react to specific diets, medications, and temperatures. CBD oil has substantial skin-normalizing and skin-soothing effects to minimize skin sensitivity. The soothing mechanism helps in keeping everyone’s skin in check.

The effects of CBD topical depends on the overall formulation.

Building Your Skin Care Routine with CBD

Applying CBD to your skin can help alleviate some problems, but you should also play your part. A few tips will help you get the desired results.

  • Consider your skin type

Creating a successful skincare routine will largely depend on your skin type. The common types include oily, sensitive, dry, normal, or a combination of oily and dry skin. Your skin type can also shift based on hormones, climate change, age, stress levels, and diet.

Depending on the skincare goals you want to achieve, you may want to consider additional ingredients. Look for compounds like vitamin C, antioxidants, retinoids, and peptides.

  • Simple is best

Keep your routine as simple as you can. You might be under pressure for a 20-step skincare regime to get smooth skin. Using too many products can worsen the skin condition. You only need a few primary products like a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Then choose a CBD product that suits your skin.

  • Stay hydrated

You might have the best beauty products for your skin, but remember, it all starts from within. Drinking plenty of water and applying moisturizer twice daily will keep your skin in check. Use lighter CBD creams and lotions as they absorb quickly. This will allow your skin to breathe and offer a good makeup application ground.

  • Sunscreen is a must

The harmful UV rays are unforgiving, and some waves penetrate the skin’s layers. The rays can cause dark spots, increased risk of melanoma, and premature aging. Protecting yourself from direct sunlight with broad-spectrum sunscreen is paramount. Choose a sunscreen with at least 50 SPF for ultimate protection.

  • Choose the best CBD skin care product

Picking the right CBD product is the key to a successful skincare routine. A high-potency product will reach the cannabinoid receptors to deliver desired results. Ensure you verify the ingredients used to avoid further skin irritation.

It’s also vital to get CBD products from a reliable brand. Find the company’s COA on the website. Look for organic products since they’re higher in quality and safe to use.

Wrapping Up

While most cannabinoids are taken orally, CBD topical products are storming the industry. As you apply these skin care products, supplement them with a balanced diet and stay hydrated. You should also involve your healthcare provider for more guidance.

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