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German coach Alfred Gislason is foregoing experiments on the way to the 2024 European Championship at home.

For the upcoming test matches of the German handball team against world champions Denmark, the Icelander nominated 16 players, all of whom come from the 19 World Cup squad. Such a proven and powerful team inspires confidence in success, use it with 22bet.ng/slots. World Cup participants Philipp Weber, Simon Ernst, and Djibril M’Bengue have been left out for the time being for the DHB training course in the first week of March, as have Melsungen’s Timo Kastening and Julius Kühn and Göppingen’s Sebastian Heymann, who were absent from the tournament in January due to injuries.

“We are continuing on the track of the last training courses and the World Cup. The lineup is a logical progression,” Gislason said. He said it was “extremely good” for the national team “that we can work with the same core since the Hungary internationals last March. We coaches can continue to bring the team in a piece by piece, and the playeclbet can also gradually develop more understanding among themselves.”

The DHB men’s first training course after finishing fifth at the World Cup starts on March 5 in the Baltic Sea resort of Damp. Captain Johannes Golla & Co. will then play their two international matches as part of the EHF Euro Cup on March 9 in Aalborg and March 12 in Hamburg.

Gislason: “Only looking at ourselves”.

“Even though it’s against world champions Denmark, we’re mostly just looking at ourselves,” Gislason said. The analysis of the 2023 World Cup is done digitally, he said, and the focus is clearly on the next steps in development. “The players know everything about the past tournament, and now,” Gislason said, “we don’t have the time to look back together.”

At the federation, everything is focused on the European Championship at home in January 2024. “Some nations use the spring to change some personnel, but we are glad that we can rely on consistency,” said DHB Sports Director Axel Kromer: “With a view to the EHF EURO 2024, which already starts in ten months, we are building a continuously growing foundation and can give our national team another impulse in its development.”

The duels with Denmark are part of the EHF Euro Cup program, in which, in addition to Germany and Denmark, the four teams already qualified for the EURO 2024 are taking part, namely European champions Sweden and EURO runners-up Spain. The German team has so far played against Sweden (33:37) and Spain (31:32). The respective second legs will take place on April 27 in Kristianstad against Sweden and on April 30 in Berlin against Spain.

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