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Vip card game – 789bet card game is a name that is no longer too strange on the card game market today. Whether you are a new name or have experienced many different game sites, you should learn and join this vip card game right away. With a series of extremely hot features, this will be the place where you can unleash your passion for gambling and earn huge amounts of money. Let 789bet learn about this playground right through the article below.

1.About the vip card game – 789bet card game

Vip card game is an online card game portal that provides many attractive folk card games such as Going to the South, Phom, Sam, Loc, Tien Len Count La, … and some mini games with simple rules but attractive gameplay. guide. Here, players can not only satisfy their passion but also have the opportunity to take home valuable gifts. Moreover, it helps you to interact with many famous card players.

Vip card game – 789bet card game supports multi-platform, full device and operating system. The game’s security system is also extremely tight with phone number or OTP code verification. The mechanism of depositing or withdrawing here is also extremely simple with easy operations.

Vip card game is an online card game portal that provides many attractive folk card games

In particular, the interface of the playing field is considered friendly and easy to use because it is clearly divided into categories. Suitable for even first time gamers. Even better, the vip card game at 789bet card game minimizes lag, light capacity, so it runs smoothly on even low-profile devices.

Coming to this place, players have the opportunity to have an explosion rate of up to x4, x5. With each different game, gamers have their own bonus funds. The game also has a mechanism and a safe, extremely convenient to transfer Gold between accounts.

As a beginner, you will be rewarded with free gold. And when participating here, players will have hundreds of events with valuable items.

2. Rich game store only on vip card games

One thing is for sure that the rich and diverse game store on the vip card game – 789bet card game will definitely not disappoint gamers. The number of games is just a small aspect next to the quality of the titles. Every game, whether mainstream or not, is meticulously cared for by the provider.

The number of games is only a small aspect besides the quality of the titles

Therefore, the fact that 789bet card game has become a destination for veteran players is not too surprising. Here, you can easily encounter popular card games at other card game portals on the market such as: Sam loc, Mau Binh, Three Cards, baccarat, poker, forward, …

In addition, players can also experience the fun and excitement with simple, easy-to-play rules and win exciting rewards from the mini-game.

This playground has become a destination for veteran players

3.Striking advantages of vip card game at 789bet card game

Enjoy playing the game for many hours, quickly, transparently and fairly with a reward system in kind of high value such as scratch cards for phones, laptops, phones, motorbikes or even cars…

Chơi : 789bet game bài

Coming to the vip card game at 789bet card game, players can quickly log in with their facebook or google account which is very convenient. It doesn’t take too long to experience and challenge yourself at one of the largest playgrounds in the community.

The system has a light capacity, runs smoothly, does not lag or out when playing on all operating systems, beautiful game interface, vivid sound effects, preserving accounts when losing lives.

The customer care team is well-trained for vip card games at 789bet card game operating 24/24, supporting to answer all questions of players on many customer care channels such as Hotline, fanpage, skype, viber , zalo professional, dedicated, most attentive.

Vip card game of 789bet card game integrates smart play mode, chooses cards quickly, arranges cards automatically, launches troops promptly on behalf of players when the connection is lost or busy, overcoming the phenomenon of losing coins when not loaded. Card manipulation is the same as most card game portals today. There are also many levels of bets in the games to help you upgrade the way you want.

Absolute confidentiality of account information as well as player personal information.

Integrate all the classic card games that are hot loved by the gaming community

Enjoy playing games for many hours, quickly, transparently and fairly


It can be said that vip card game is an interesting playing field, which gives players great experiences. In particular, this playground is continuously upgraded and updated regularly to bring the best experience for gamers. So for a person who really loves playing cards, this is a place that is hard to miss.

Hopefully with what 789bet the card game shared above will help you trust this playground and have extremely interesting moments of playing cards.

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