Ensuring the Safety of Your Classic Car Collection

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Owning a classic car is a declaration of love, but it also brings with it the responsibility to protect these timeless treasures from possible theft. Classic cars, with their unique features and historic value, are a favorite target for criminals. This article looks at the vulnerabilities of classic cars and includes recommendations from experts on how to improve their security. From classic car kill switches to modern GPS trackers, discover the full arsenal of measures to protect your valuable investment.

Theft Vulnerability

Classic cars, with their historic charm and historical significance, are a precious commodity for enthusiasts. However, their allure makes them vulnerable to theft and presents their owners with a number of challenges. Unlike modern vehicles, which are equipped with advanced security features, classic cars often still have outdated lock models, making them an easy target for experienced thieves.

Classic Car Kill Switch

Installing an emergency stop switch for classic cars is a strategic step to thwart theft attempts. This inconspicuous device cuts the power supply to the car battery and makes the vehicle undrivable, even if a thief manages to start the engine. Choosing an inconspicuous location for the emergency stop switch provides additional protection, as experienced criminals can recognize the presence of such devices.

Steering Wheel Measures

Removing or locking the steering wheel serves as a tangible deterrent. Thieves often shy away from vehicles with visible obstructions, and a locked steering wheel or comprehensive steering wheel lock signals an extra layer of defense. Although these measures are not foolproof, they do help to deter opportunist theft.

Vintage Car Alarm System

Installing a loud Viper alarm in your classic car provides an audible warning of theft. These alarms are portable and easily transferable and offer flexibility of installation. Some models are independent of the vehicle’s power supply and ensure uninterrupted protection. Visual indicators such as LED lights reinforce the activation of the system and act as a deterrent to potential thieves.

GPS Tracker for Classic Cars

Modern technology plays a crucial role in securing classic cars. GPS trackers, which are easy to install, provide real-time monitoring and immediate notification of unauthorized movements. This contemporary solution bridges the gap between the charm of a classic car and modern security, offering owners the ability to track and recover their beloved classics.

Security Device Recommendations

Discover premium security devices such as LoJack, a police-controlled stolen car recovery system, Ravelco, a fail-safe anti-theft device, and Club, a renowned steering wheel blocker. Each device offers a unique set of features that contribute to the comprehensive security of classic cars.


Preserving the essence of classic cars requires more than just nostalgia; it also requires attentive safety measures. With a combination of classic car lockouts, steering wheel locks, classic car alarms, and advanced GPS trackers, owners can protect their treasured vehicles against the constant threat of theft. Most of these systems can be installed by experienced car locksmiths and if you are looking for an affordable locksmith – here they are. Investing in reliable security devices ensures that these timeless treasures continue to inspire admiration and remain safe in the hands of passionate enthusiasts.

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