Factors to Consider when Selecting a Compressor to Purchase

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A compressor is a mechanical device that functions to reduce the volume of a gas and thus increase its pressure. This article focuses on the factors a person should consider before deciding on the type of Compressor to purchase.

The various factors listed below have a significant effect on the compressor price in Kenya.

Source of power for the compressor

The compressors available in the market are mainly petrol-powered and electric-powered. In an instance where the Compressor is to be used in outdoor activities, a petrol-powered compressor is appropriate. A petrol-powered compressor is also suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.

On the other hand, an electric-powered air compressor should be used where sufficient energy to power it is available for smooth operations. This type of compressor is perfect for situations where a reliable power source is accessible, as it can provide consistent and efficient air compression. Whether it is in a workshop, construction site, or industrial setting, an electric-powered air compressor ensures smooth operations by delivering the necessary power to meet the demands of the task at hand.

The cubic feet per minute (CFM)

The cubic Feet per Minute shows the pressure obtained from the Compressor per minute. When a high-pressure amount is required, a compressor with a high Cubic Feet per Minute should be brought to ensure it performs effectively.

Compressor capacity

The amount of power required by the business purchasing the compressor is significant. The compressor capacity determines the energy generated; hence, it should be checked before someone buys a compressor.

The space available for the compressor

The space available determines the size of the compressor that can be accommodated. The dimensions of available compressors are consumer-grade, professional-grade, and industrial-grade. The consumer grade is a small and portable compressor, mainly used in the execution of small projects like inflating tires and football.

On the other hand, the professional quality is larger than the consumer-grade and can be used in powering several tools. The industrial grade is suitable in case one needs a compressor to be used regularly.

The type of compressor

The piston and portable compressors are the two main types available in the market; for a tank to keep the piston compressor in a single place, heavy-duty maintenance and enough space are necessary. Portable compressors, on the other hand, do not possess tanks, so they do not need much space.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle dictates the number of minutes the compressor can operate continuously. When high operating time is required, one should purchase a compressor with a high-duty process.

Couplers amount

If one desires to operate several tools simultaneously, a compressor with multiple couplers is appropriate since it allows for multiple devices simultaneously.

Thermal protection and air cooling system

The presence of thermal protection in a compressor ensures that the compressor is protected from overheating, thus ensuring the operator’s comfort.

Maintenance cost and availability of spare parts

A compressor that has a low maintenance cost should be given priority. The availability of spare parts for the compressor should also be considered before deciding to purchase one.

Availability of filters and quality of air required

The right air filter will function to remove impurities from the air and thus ensure the final air is of the required quality.


This article outlines the factors one should consider before deciding which compressor machine to purchase. Anyone who desires to buy a compressor should consider the listed elements.

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