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How To Help You Save Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

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We all know how frustrating it is to have a smartphone with a low battery, and it’s even more frustrating when you suddenly lose it when you’re taking an important call or when you need it most. But have you ever taken a moment to think about the reasons why your phone battery is dying? Is it your overuse or your phone’s processing power? Even if you have a huawei p60 pro phone that supports a maximum super fast charge of 88W, you don’t want to carry a charger with you. Worry not, because in this blog post, we’ve rounded up six tips that will help you save battery life on your smartphone and keep it running longer!

6 Tips To Help You Save Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Reduce Screen Brightness

One of the main reasons that your phone’s battery gets drained is the excessive screen brightness. At times when you don’t need it, reduce the brightness level of your phone’s screen to save battery. This is especially true when you are indoors where there is minimal external lighting. You will be surprised at the amount of battery you can save by doing this.

Close Unused Apps

Leaving apps running in the background is another reason for the battery drain on your phone. By closing apps that you are not using, you can save your battery life. When apps remain open in the background, they continue to consume your phone’s resources, and hence you should close them to save your phone’s battery life.

Turn Off Location Services

Another battery drainer is your phone’s location services. GPS and other location services can eat up your battery life quickly. If you don’t need GPS services, it is better to turn these off to help conserve your phone’s battery life.

Reduce Auto-Lock Time

Reducing the time it takes for your phone to go to sleep can be beneficial to conserve your battery life. The more frequently your phone goes to sleep, the less likely it will drain your battery. You can choose to reduce the time your phone takes to auto-lock to help conserve battery life.

Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications

Notifications can both annoy you and consume the battery life of your smartphone. It is important to turn off notifications that you do not need to help conserve your phone’s battery life. This makes sure that your phone is not constantly searching for notifications, which ultimately saves power.

Use Airplane Mode

When you are in locations where you are unlikely to get a phone signal, consider using airplane mode. This mode will turn off all services of your phone, including GPS, mobile reception, Bluetooth, and so on. If you are not anticipating any calls or texts, this mode can be advantageous in preserving your phone’s battery life.


In conclusion, following these six tips will help you save your phone’s battery life, keeping you connected when you need to. From reducing your phone screen brightness to turning off unnecessary notifications, you can use all these tips to help conserve your phone’s battery life. Be sure to take these tips into thought, and with just a few minor adjustments that are easy to implement, you will be well on your way to maximizing the battery life of your smartphone.

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