How To Make Passive Income With Pets

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In the modern world, many people are finding ways of generating multiple passive income sources.

So if you are passionate about pets and intend to learn how to create income from them, I got you!

Below I will take you through some of the best ways of making passive income with pets, pet services, and forms of proper marketing via social media.

6 Super Tips for Making Passive Income With Pets

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a huge source of income nowadays. You can decide to become a pet influencer by creating a following on social media, with your main content being pets or posing with pets.

Once you gain enough followers, pet brands and businesses want to collaborate with you to push product sales via sponsored posts and endorsements.

2. Blogging

Start a blog or YouTube channel where you share your insights, tips, and experiences about pets.

After growing your audience, you can earn revenue from your platform through advertising and sponsored content.

3. Affiliate Marketing

You can also make passive income by joining a pet affiliate program enabling you to earn commissions by promoting pet products on your social media or website.

You earn your commission through referral links from pet affiliate programs like, Petco, PetSmart, Amazon, etc., which you post on your socials or website that will lead buyers to the above affiliate programs.

You can also share information or experiences, such as pet product reviews, and link to related programs to increase your passive income.

4. E-books

You can share your knowledge and expertise about pets via an E-book and create passive income from it.

You can use these steps to make and sell your ebooks:

  • Choose your e-Book niche
  • Organise your content into chapters and sections
  • Design an eye-catching cover
  • Choose an appropriate distribution platform: some popular platforms include Apple Books, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Format your eBook as per the selected platform
  • Determine the price of your eBook
  • Publish your eBook
  • Market your eBook

5. Sell Pet Stock Photos Online

If you have photography skills and a passion for pets, you can create passive revenue by selling pet stock pictures online.

You can sign up with a reputable stock photography platform like Istock, Getty Images, Shutterstock, etc., then post your pet photos, and gradually you will start getting income.

6. Online Course on Pets

You can generate a passive income by selling an online course where you get to share your knowledge, expertise, and experience about pets.

You need to decide on the niche to talk more about, and then you create course content, including; topics, sub-topics, modules, and tests at the end of each module.

Then you grow an audience and sign up with platforms like Udemy, think fic, etc., where you can post your course content, and people can access it at a fee.

You can use the topics highlighted below in your course:

  • Pet diet and feeding
  • Behaviour of pets
  • Pet first aid and safety
  • Pet end-of-life care
  • Pet-friendly home design
  • Current trends in pet care
  • Guidance on travelling with pets
  • Ethical breeding and adoption of pets
  • Pet species and care requirements
  • Entrepreneurship of Pets
  • Effective training techniques for Pets


With passion and love for pets, you can transform your love for animals into a lucrative source of passive income.

Review the methods highlighted above and select the path that aligns with your interests and skills to generate extra income.

Please, note that building a successful passive income from pets takes time, so patience, dedication, and consistency are crucial to success.

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