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The best live casino games provider in the business is no doubt Evolution Gaming, an online casino software provider brand that has been around for years. Evolution Gaming’s rise to fame is closely tied to their top trending lightning table game series which skyrocketed to popularity in Asia thanks to its collaboration with Maxim88 online casino Malaysia a few years back. If you are an online casino fan that enjoys playing lightning paced live table games with professional dealers, then you can do so by signing up for an account with Maxim88 online casino Malaysia.

Lightning Roulette game by Evolution Gaming

Lightning Roulette is only one of the several live casino games offered by Evolution at Maxim88 online casino Malaysia.  Lightning Roulette has an incredible potential for fun, with payouts of up to 500 times the initial wager. The payout for a single number bet is 29 to 1. Unless, of course, lightning happens to strike. The live dealers employed for not only Lightning Roulette but all live casino games provided by Evolution Gaming are professional and extremely friendly, they interact with players well and leave a lasting impression.

The rhythm and immersion of the game

The whole atmosphere of Lighting Roulette is that of opulent Las Vegas; clearly, a considerable portion of the design money was allocated to this game. It’s cutting-edge fun with all the newest bells and whistles, and it’s about as different as you can get from California Roulette (a calmer card-based game). The action takes place in a glamorous black and gold studio and is presided over by a professional croupier who will be referred to as your Host. Their duty is to maintain an atmosphere of maximum tension.

Lightning Dice game by Evolution Gaming

One of the most played aviator game website online casino Malaysia are the dice games, which saw outstanding popularity among online casino fans in the country. The object of this fast-paced betting game is to correctly guess whether the number chosen will be higher or lower than the number determined by the roll of two dice. The player can modify the payment by changing the probability of winning, thus resulting in a high payout. The game also has an automatic mode where the user may establish their own preferences.

How does the game work?

A custom tabletop appears at the screen’s base, making it easy to place bets and see the results of the dice after each throw. After you’ve placed your wagers, the screen will transition to a closeup of the dice with flashing lights along its outer edge. There are indicator lights that show you, as the player, where you stand in the game. The color red denotes “no more bets,” while yellow implies “hurry up and place your bets” and green means “place your bets.” The indicator lights control the flow of the game without the need for the live dealer to be too talkative. 

Other online casino games by Evolution Gaming

Sibling games to the well known Lightning live table game series are also included in the wide selection of online casino games available to be played at Maxim88 online casino Malaysia as well. Players at Maxim88 online casino Malaysia can check out Immersive Roulette or Immersive Blackjack that are also provided by Evolution Gaming if they are looking for a fresh online live casino experience. Besides that, Evolution Gaming is also famous for their game show inspired wheel of fortune games that feature a gameshow host and dealer directly broadcasted from their studios in the UK and the US. The most famous wheel of fortune games provided by Evolution Gaming at Maxim88 online casino Malaysia is the Dream Catcher game. 

This particular game has proven to be very popular with players. They’ve equaled, if not beyond, their prior creative achievements, as the visuals are breathtaking. Click here for additional information about evolution gaming.

Maxim88 assures total gameplay fairness

Both Maxim88 online casino Malaysia and Evolution Gaming are committed to total gameplay fairness when it comes to the content that they provide, and they don’t just rely heavily on RNG.  Some players, especially those who have had bad luck while playing games at online casinos,, may suspect that the games are fixed. Keep in mind that gambling is a game of chance, and you stand a high probability of losing your money at the casino. It’s possible to win, but it’s much less often than losing, just as at actual casinos. The running business has no desire to allow changes to the casino software’s source code. We can confidently assert that no online games are fixed at Maxim88 online casino Malaysia. Some gamblers would assume that gambling establishments are out to steal their money, this may be true for shady and unlicensed online casinos, but never at an online casino as reputable and as trusted by the community as Maxim88 online casino Malaysia. 

Untampered and unbiased casino gaming experience

Learning the odds and odds-making processes behind a particular gambling game is an intriguing first step. The roulette wheel is not rigged if the red number comes up 15 times in a row. Long runs of bad luck are possible, but it is up to the player whether to give up or keep going.  Regular play exposes players to these random factors, increasing the likelihood that they may experience defeat. However, no operator can put his hand in the game, change the code, and make the next spin in his favor, making online casino games very reliable, controlled, and monitored.


For those of you who enjoy games of high volatility and speed, Evolution Gaming has gone all out with their Lightning live casino game series which features multiple titles that are known to be fast-paced, and highly charged, other live table games just can not compare to the sheer excitement of Evolution Gaming’s Lightning live table game series. They set a new standard with the release of this game, and it has since been imitated by other companies. To start playing the original Lightning Roulette, Lightning Baccarat, Lightning Dice and other titles in the series, sign up with Maxim88 online casino Malaysia today. 


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