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Lucks Game: How to master the art of win Big 

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Sattamatka is the number game and the winner is decided on how accurately they choose the number. This game is fully dependent on correctly the player chooses the number and bet on that. Still there are many factors that determine the winning of the player and in the blog ahead we are going to discuss all that one by one. In the matka world there are hundreds of games available that can help you to become the winner but players are still aware about this and are struggling to make a living through this game. So if you are interested in playing the dpboss matka games then you are at the right place because that’s all we share. We post useful blogs like this one on a daily basis on our website dpboss online. So if you find this blog useful make sure to read that blog too. 

How to play games?

As you all know satta matka is the type of lottery game and in order to win in this game the player has to choose the pair of three numbers between the range 0 to 9. Afterwards this three numbers are added together and the sum last digit number is considered as the winning number and the player can bet on that number too. The result of the game is declared at the end of the game on the homepage of our website. If the player is able to accurately guess the number that is going to be drawn in the result and bet on that then the player is considered as the winner and the winning amount is credited in the players gaming account. 

Tips to master the game

Learn the game

In order to master the satta matka game it is important that the player should know each and everything about the game including the game time, how many times the bet can be placed, minimum investment and many more. Without this knowledge playing the game is hard as hell for the players. So make sure you are aware about all the rules and regulations of the game you choose to play.

Understand the type of bets

In satta matka the player can bet on three types of number sequence. The first is the single digit number. In this the player has to choose one single digit number between the range 0 to 9. The player can choose any number that he feels is right. The second type of bet is jodi or double digit bet. In this the player has to bet on the pair of two numbers between the range 0 to 9. The player can use a different combination of numbers to bet on. The third type of bet in dpboss matka is patti or three digit number bet. In this the player has to choose the pair of three numbers between the range 0 to 9. The player can bet on three same numbers or different, it is the player’s choice. These three are the main bets available in the matka market. 

When to bet?

In satta matka all the games have different times to play and the player can choose the game according to his free time. There is one thing that a player needs to understand that the player should place their bets before that time because that is actually the closing time of the game and the result of that game is declared ten minutes after that time. You can place bets one day before for that game only. So make sure to place bets before that time. 

Where to check the result?

In order to access the live results of the satta matka game the player can use our website dpboss online. On the homepage of our website all the live results are displayed. If you want to access the past results of that game then the jodi chart is the perfect choice. In this chart all the results with their dates and time are mentioned in the proper order which makes it easy for the player to read it. 


Knowing how to win at Satta Matka takes a combination of strategy, knowledge, and game comprehension. Players can make wise choices by becoming familiar with the regulations and different kinds of wagers. It’s important to become familiar with the game timings and to place bets before the game’s closing time. Future bets can benefit from routinely reviewing the live results and using the jodi chart. Long-term success also requires restraint, discipline, and prudent gaming. Players can improve their chances of winning in the thrilling realm of Satta Matka by keeping these suggestions in mind. Keep in mind that it’s a game of chance, therefore having fun should always come first.

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