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Are you tired of staring at an image with an intrusive text overlay? Perhaps you want to remove the text and appreciate the photo on its own or repurpose the image for a different promotional purpose. Maybe you simply desire a clean, clutter-free backdrop on your phone screen, devoid of distracting words. Whatever your reason may be, you’re searching for a simple and hassle-free method to remove text from images. Look no further as we present to you Object Remover – the ultimate solution that removes texts from images quickly and effortlessly.

Object Remover Tool Summary

Object Remover is a free website to remove text from images. Its simple interface and straightforward workflow make it easier for anyone who wants to clean up their images. This photo editor is powered by AI and can offer a hassle-free solution to erase anything undesired in a photo, including texts, logos, buildings, people, etc.

It uses AI technology to detect and analyze the selected object. The marked area will be erased in seconds without affecting the background and other elements nearby. Once the objects are removed, the processed images are cleaner and more focused, without annoying distractions.

Is Object Remover Easy to Use?

Yes, Object Remover is easy to use for both beginners and experts. It has clear navigation that allows you to know each of its functions easily. The tool is powered by AI so that it can remove objects such as text from the image automatically without requiring manual editing. You need to upload the image, mark the object using brush tool, click “Erase” and wait for the result. In addition, this tool is free. You don’t need to create an account and subscribe to a plan to enjoy the object removal service.

Remove Texts from an Image Using Object Remover 

Step 1: Select the text removal tool

There are lots of valuable tools offered by Object Remover. Whether you want to remove people or clutter, you can find the right tool from the navigation bar. To remove text, we need to select “Text Remover”.

Step 2: Upload the image

Visit the website of Object Remover. Click “Upload an image” to upload the picture that contains the unwanted text. You can either drag or drop the image from your computer. This site supports png and jpg image formats.

Step 3: Select the Text Area

Use the brush tool to select the text that you want to remove from the uploaded image. You can adjust the brush size and inpainting strength to select the text area accurately. Make sure that all parts of the text have been marked.

Step 4: Remove text from your image 

Once the text area is selected, click “Erase” button to let Object Remover start processing the image. The task of text removal will be done within seconds.

Step 5: Enjoy a Picture without Text 

You can preview the result of text removal at the current window. Press “Download” button to save the result to your computer. Feel free to enjoy a clean picture without annoying or unwanted texts on it.

Why Remove Text from an Image? 

Enhance image quality

Taking text out of a picture can make it look much better and let the main subject stand out without any distractions. Text overlays like captions, watermarks, or advertising slogans can sometimes make a picture look cluttered and take away from its natural beauty. By removing text, you can make a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing picture that draws the viewer in and highlights the image’s message or style.

Open up possibilities for new designs 

When an image has text that is only relevant to a certain mission or goal, removing the text makes it possible to use the image in different ways. For example, if you want to use a picture as a background image for your website or as a visual element in a presentation, you should eliminate any text already on it. This will give you a flexible image that can fit into a variety of designs and uses.

Clean and Business-like

Text overlays can make a picture look unprofessional or amateurish, especially if they are poorly done or don’t look good. After removing the text, you can make the image look cleaner and more polished, which is good for business settings like portfolios, marketing materials, or presentations to clients. A picture with no text gives off an air of professionalism and lets the visuals take center stage, making for a high-quality show.

More Object Removal Tools from Object Remover 

People Remover

Object Remover has a powerful tool called People Remover that lets users quickly get rid of people they don’t want in their photos. Whether it’s a photobomber or a crowd in the background, this feature makes it easy to get rid of people and make pictures that are clean and free of distractions.

Clutter Remover

Clutter Remover lets users get rid of unwanted items and other distractions from their photos. Whether it’s stray branches, trash, or something else that makes an image look cluttered, this tool smartly analyzes the picture and removes the unwanted objects, making the compositions cleaner and more appealing.

Skin Defects Remover

The Skin Defects Remover feature lets users fix and improve photos by getting rid of blemishes, acne, wrinkles, and other skin flaws with one click. This feature improves the subject’s skin and makes portraits look more smooth.

Sticker and Emoji Remover

Stickers & emojis are popular ways to decorate digital photos, but sometimes you may want to get rid of them. With the Sticker and Emoji Remover tool, users can easily remove stickers, emojis, or other digital changes from their photos, making them look cleaner and more visually focused.

Removing Texts from Image FAQs: 

Can I remove text from an image online? 

Yes, you can use online image editing tools and services to remove text from a picture. There are several websites and online platforms with text removal tools that let you edit and clean up your images without having to run the software. Some options include Object Remover, Canva, Cutout.pro, Cleanup.Pictures, etc.

How do I remove text from image without Photoshop? 

There are other ways to get rid of text from a picture if you don’t have Photoshop or don’t want to use it. One of the best choices is Object Remover. It lets you remove text from images without any editing skills. You can get started with it easily without learning any complicated editing skills. An online text remover can clean up your pictures while saving your time and energy.

How do I remove text from a PDF image?

You can use PDF editing tools or online services to eliminate text from a PDF picture. A well-known piece of software for changing PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Pro. It lets you change text in PDF files and get rid of it. Also, online PDF makers like Smallpdf or PDF Candy might have tools that let you remove text from a PDF picture so you can change it.


With Object Remover, you can remove unwanted text and unleash the true potential of your images. This app has got you covered whether it’s removing captions, promotional slogans, or any other text element. The best part? It’s incredibly easy to use. Say goodbye to text clutter and hello to clean, captivating visuals with Object Remover’s text remover from image tool.

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