Should You Use A Junk-Car Removal Service?

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When the time comes to dispose of your car because it keeps breaking down, has simply become too old, or has stopped working completely, you will usually have a few options to consider. The first is that you can try to trade it in at a dealership, but the problem with this is that they may not accept your car, especially if it has been severely damaged. 

Alternatively, you can try to sell it to a private buyer, but finding someone willing to take it off your hands can often take weeks, if not months. And after they check out your car in person, there is a high chance that they may still refuse to purchase it, especially if it is a junker. 

However, that’s not the case if you can find the best junk yards, as they are often willing to take any junker off your hands very quickly and easily. There’s also hardly any paperwork required for you to fill out, as all you need to do is prove that the car is yours, and they will handle everything before paying you cash for old cars it.

Benefits of Using A Junk-Car Removal Service

There are a wide number of reasons why you should consider using a junk car removal service today. Some of the main reasons include;

#1. Instant Cash Offers

One of the biggest advantages of selling your used vehicle to a junk car removal service is that the entire sale process is so streamlined that you can get a quote in a matter of minutes. 

On top of that, you can find junkyards in Colorado via USCarJunker, or in any other state for that matter, that can provide you with free price estimates for your junk car. So, if you decide that you aren’t happy with the price, you can simply take your business elsewhere.

#2. Fast and Reliable Service

If you decide to accept their cash offer, you can usually expect them to reach out ASAP to schedule a pick-up time and date. This can be especially beneficial if you find yourself in urgent need of cash. Plus, most of these companies tend to offer reliable and efficient customer service, so you can rest assured that you will be attended to promptly.

#3. Environmentally-responsible

The good thing about using a junk car removal service like USCarJunker is that they are also the most eco-friendly option since they tend to repurpose the parts and materials of junk cars. This is preferable to simply letting the car deteriorate at a landfill, which only ends up negatively impacting the environment.

#4. Zero Hassle

Junk car removal companies usually make the entire process a hassle-free experience, as you never have to worry about dealing with having to advertise your car, negotiate with potential buyers, or even deal with any paperwork. These companies simply make you an offer, and just like that, the entire sale is completed, as all you need to do is wait for them to come pick it up.

#5. No Towing Charges 

The problem with selling a junk car privately is that you will usually need to cover the transportation costs yourself. However, the advantage of using a junk car removal company is that you don’t need to deal with having to hire a tow truck or pay for towing out of pocket. The company will usually cover those costs, and they will never charge you a penny for them, at least not the reputable ones.

How Does The Process of Using a Junk Car Removal Company Work?

Now that you know the reasons why you should use a junk car removal service, you may be eager to sell your vehicle to a company like USCarJunker. The good news is that the sale process is extremely simple and straightforward to navigate, and by following these steps, you should be able to sell your junker with ease. 

#1. Collect Information On The Car

Before you decide to reach out to a junk car removal company, it is important that you gather information about it, such as the model, make, and year of the car, as well as the car’s condition. This information is what the company will use to provide you with a fair estimate of your vehicle, and luckily, you can often gather these details by simply conducting a quick VIN check online.

#2. Get Quotes From Multiple Companies

Once you have the relevant information, you simply head over to a site like USCarJunker and fill out the online survey form. Within minutes, you will be provided with a cash quote, at which point you can contact a few other companies to compare what they have to offer and secure yourself the best possible deal.

#3. Set a Pickup Date & Time

Once you have decided on which company to sell to, you will need to schedule a date and time for them to pick up the car and hand over your payment. The good news is that they will usually offer free towing services, so you don’t need to worry about having to transport the car to them. However, make sure that you read the contract carefully before you sign the paperwork to conclude the sale. 

What Alternative Options To Sell My Junk Car Are There To Consider?

Aside from selling to a junk car service, you also have the option of parting out the car by disassembling it and selling the most valuable spare parts for a price piecemeal. This is an option that many junk car owners take, especially when they have a car model that is popular and in demand. 

However, there are benefits and downsides to using this approach, so you should weigh these out carefully before going this route. In terms of pros, the good news is that you will often be able to get more money for your vehicle when you sell it for parts since the price of each part that is successfully sold adds up. 

On top of that, selling the parts ensures that they don’t end up in a landfill, which benefits the environment in the long run.

The problem with parting out a car is that if you are unfamiliar with the proper way to part out a car, you can potentially end up damaging it, thereby making it worthless. As a result, you will often end up having to pay extra for a mechanic to do it professionally, which can reduce how much money you receive.

Furthermore, it often ends up taking too long to sell the parts, and even when you are done, you will often be left with the shell of a junk car to deal with.


Ultimately, junk car removal services can be an effective way of getting rid of any old car that is stuck on your property. However, it is important that you take the time to find the right company that can provide you with a competitive quote. And if you happen to still be debating whether you should part out the car or sell it, we can guarantee that it’s always significantly easier to just sell it as a whole.

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