The Growing Trend of Carton Box and Corrugated Box Packaging in 2023

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The pandemic of early 2020 massively disrupted most of our routine lives. The changes in trends that it caused continue even today. One of the main areas it altered was purchasing goods from 2020 to 2021. But it reversed in 2022 as the pandemic subsided and customer spending on goods naturally subsided. These trends have been reflected in packaging markets too. In 2023, as investors give more attention to packaging to attract buyers, carton box and corrugated box packaging have significantly increased. Both markets have rapidly developed over the past few years and are unlikely to slow down. This article will review the advantages of these packaging, the reasons behind the rise in their popularity, and the future outlook.

Advantages of Carton Box and Corrugated Box Packaging

Corrugated cardboard and carton boxes are durable, inexpensive, and sustainable for packing most products. Corrugated packages are made from fluting or arched paper. They can be treated with adhesive and then folded into any size to fit with any product.

Here are some benefits of both corrugated and carton box packaging.

1. Durable

Corrugated cardboard is highly durable and best for shipping products long distances. They offer stability for any product. Likewise, carton boxes or cardboard protect the goods from damage and secure their value throughout transportation. The thickness of these boxes can be between 280 GSM and 550 GSM as per your product.

2. Saves energy

Corrugated packaging has many recycled elements that need less time to produce. Many companies making corrugated boxes source the component parts from local recyclers. They also use trees for their paper pulp. Suppliers harvest from sustainable forest areas and replace the harvested trees with new samplings for the process to begin again.

Carton boxes are also recyclable and biodegradable. It minimizes waste generation, which is one of its major advantages.

3. Safe and hygienic

Corrugated boxes are perfect for delivering food products in the best condition. You can use a clean new box every time to pack foodstuff, especially fresh produce that requires strength, cushioning, ventilation, and moisture resistance. In the corrugating manufacturing process, the material reaches at least 100 degrees Celsius thrice during the production process, which causes the removal of bacteria and microbes. With this packaging, your customers can be assured that every box and carton is being used for the very first time.

4. Highly customizable

In today’s E-commerce landscape, businesses need to discover innovative methods to stand out from their competitors. Corrugated and carton box packaging is one great strategy for doing this. You can customize every aspect of corrugated boxes, from color, size, and finish to length, width, and depth.

Whether you want to ship office supplies or gadgets or are a general E-commerce provider, creating custom corrugated boxes that align with your branding and packaging needs is possible. Carton boxes also offer a similar level of customization. You can take customization to a whole another level with vibrant full-color digital printing on these boxes that showcase your brand and the product even more vividly.

5. Highly inexpensive options

Both corrugated and carton boxes are low-cost options for companies. You don’t need to incur much labor cost or invest in expensive pieces of equipment to manufacture them. Many businesses do not use the right packaging to complement their product because of high costs. They get scared of even the printing cost. But corrugated and carton boxes are cheaper than other options like plastic packaging.

Environmental Benefits

Corrugated cardboard is fully recyclable and biodegradable. It has the least environmental impact. The packing is lightweight; it lowers freight and handling charges with fewer trucks, less fuel and less emissions. This packing is thus reliable and highly appealing to eco-conscious customers who desire sustainably packaged products.

Recycled cardboard doesn’t lose its resistance or durability. It makes it a highly economical choice. You can save much energy using recycled cardboard, which can then be used for producing other resources.

To make recycled cardboard, 90% less water and 50% less electricity are required, which makes them energy savers.

Corrugated packaging is an environmentally responsible, compostable and recyclable resource. It is highly regarded for being a sturdy solution with the potential to carry varying weights. Thus, you can use the cases multiple times for many products. When the cases reach the end of the line, people can reuse them for keeping documents or as floor protectors. After they are done with them, it is easy to simply recycle them.

Factors Driving the Trend Towards Carton Box and Corrugated Box Packaging

The corrugated and carton box packaging market is rapidly growing with the explosion of E-commerce. The global market size for corrugated carton boxes is forecasted to depict a 4% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. The global corrugated packaging market size is about to reach the $170.5 billion mark by 2028.

Here are the key factors that are driving the trend toward these packaging materials.

Growth in E-commerce retail sales

Global E-commerce sales are set to climb above $5.5 trillion in 2023. This will inevitably have a great impact on the corrugated packaging industry because it currently has the majority demand in the E-commerce sector.

In direct-to-consumer delivery, E-commerce orders will be handled more than 20 times during the regular distribution. So, there’s a demand for affordable secondary corrugated packaging.

The advent of fit-to-product systems

The rise of the fit-to-product system in E-commerce is driven by the needs of sellers like Amazon. It facilitates the production of custom secondary packaging according to the precise size of the item being packed. This technology has removed the requirement for huge inventories of regular-sized boxes. As this system rises in popularity, there will be a higher demand for boards sold as fanfold and finishing equipment that can function with them.

Versatile packaging choice

Corrugated boxes for packing protect products during transportation, shipping, and handling. It is a strong material and is available in various sizes and thicknesses for imparting support. The item inside remains free of moisture because of the corrugated interiors.

Moreover, the thickness of corrugated packaging can be changed. So, it can suit any product. Thus, it’s a versatile packaging choice that is fuelling its usage in the commercial domain.

Highly sustainable

With the increasing importance of sustainability, corrugated boards are becoming more popular than before. Today, more and more companies are favoring corrugated-protected formats over polymer-based alternatives.

The major ecological benefit of corrugated cardboard is that they are developed from high levels of recycled paper. You can also recycle them after a single use. This packaging is devoid of harmful dyes or bleaches. It implies that the packaging can be disposed of more sustainably.

Additionally, rectangular corrugated boxes have the unique advantage of being stacked to save space. So, more items can fit into less vehicles. This, in turn, reduces a business’s carbon footprint.

Innovations in Packaging Technology

Technological innovations have transformed the packaging industry. Today, the demand for consumer products is at an all-time high. It is the major driving factor behind out-of-the-box packaging strategies.

The dominant innovation trend includes smart and sustainable solutions. The new materials are robust enough to compete effectively with older packaging materials like plastic. Here are the key innovations in packaging technology:

1. Bio-based packing

This packaging material is made from renewable and biodegradable raw materials. It’s an environmental-friendly alternative to petroleum-based non-renewable packaging materials. Moreover, they are extremely flexible, as changes can be made to forms, textures, coatings, and thicknesses.

2. Smart packaging

Smart packaging uses the latest technologies, such as smart labels, QR codes, near-field communication chips, and RFID. This packaging has transformed the role of a product package as it now offers benefits like authentication, security, and connectivity.

3. Renewable packaging

Today, an increasing number of countries are banning single-use plastic. In this scenario, renewable and recyclable packaging has emerged as a great solution. It is the use of natural and bio-based resources in the production of a package that can be naturally refilled.

This packaging is made out of materials that can be reused many times after being processed. It greatly lessens the environmental impact. The packaging also offers the benefit of cost reduction. After an initial investment, businesses can save costs by reducing the materials that should be removed.

4. Digital printing

The process of printing on packaging came with challenges of poor color quality, low accuracy, and increased labor cost. Innovations in this process have led to digital printing, in which all the content is printed on one pass. So it is less arduous. It also has a lesser effect on the environment as it removes the need for additional labeling or prepress procedures.

Moreover, it offers other advantages of greater flexibility and short turnaround time, facilitating custom packaging for businesses to serve diverse subgroups of customers.

Future Projections

The Global Corrugated Packaging Market Size is about to touch USD 245073.56 million by 2028. It is predicted to showcase a 2.1% CAGR. A reason for this rapid rise in the corrugated packaging market is the growth in the E-commerce sector. This is coupled with a greater demand for eco-friendly packing options.

We can confidently say that in the coming decades, the global need for corrugated packaging will only increase because of its versatility. It is a very widely used packaging alternative for products of different sizes. Rising demand for food items and beverages, electronics, paper products, ceramics, and textile goods worldwide directly influences the increase in the usage of corrugated boxes.

The trends in this packaging will be affected a lot by North America, particularly the United States. Here, the corrugated box market is set to grow considerably till 2029. There will also be more usage of retail-ready packaging formats with the expansion of modern retailing into the developing Asian markets. Novel coating technologies like bio-based polymer solutions will enhance the recyclability of coated corrugated grades.

Concluding Words

By now, you must know what is fuelling the rise of corrugated box packaging. This strong, customizable, and sustainable packaging material is fast becoming the preferred choice of businesses. The packaging industry is undergoing various advancements leading to the rise of innovative methods of dressing products.

As the demand for food items, beverages, textiles, and electronics increases in the E-commerce sector, the corrugated packaging market will further expand. If you are a business wanting to stay current and leverage the dynamic packaging industry trends, consider implementing these into your packaging needs this year. Contact Ucanpack to get custom corrugated packaging material for 2023 today.

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