Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology: Which One Is Better?

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When we contrast Vedic and Western astrology, we observe that each one analyzes the planetary placements uniquely. This basic understanding will answer any questions we might have regarding the predictions made by either Vedic or Western astrology.

The ethics and principles of Vedic astrology are centred upon lunar and planetary movements. On the contrary, Western astrology contemplates only the birth date to foretell several events of one’s life.

Astrology is a unique asset for evaluating the likely possibilities of life. Western astrology is a novel version compared to traditional Vedic astrology because the previous has been practised for several ages. The older version also has written documents in the Vedas, as stated by the best astrologer app. What’s the significant difference between the two? Let us discuss this.

Vedic Astrology Vs Western Astrology

Out of the two, Vedic astrology employs the static zodiac. In Western astrology, the movable zodiac is used to determine the beginning point of the zodiac.

Additionally, Western astrology employs the tropical zodiac that ponders Earth to be the midpoint and the other planets to be revolving around it.

Since the concept of Vedic astrology emphasizes the time and date of a person, it helps interpret the crucial events of a person’s life. Western astrology centres upon only the birth date and not time, which usually gives no-so-correct forecasts.

The sky is divided into 27 constellations in the Western version of astrology that acts as a foundation for all astrological predictions along the sun.

Signs in Both Forms of Astrology

According to the astrology app, there are 12 zodiac signs in both Western and Vedic forms of astrology. Both the astrology forms also share similar names and connotations. However, there is a differentiation in the dates.

Under Western astrology, a Gemini with a lively and impulsive nature can learn that they have changed into a stubborn person. But a loving Taurus under the Vedic system. The Vedic form of astrology contemplates the rising sign as highly important, while in the Western version, it is everything associated with the sun sign.

Birth Charts

When we talk about birth charts in both astrology systems, there are significant distinctions driving each version. The birth chart emphasizes a circle with the house, and signs are drawn in an anticlockwise manner in the Western form. On the other hand, in the Vedic system, the birth chart has a distinct shape and not a circle. It is a square divided into twelve segments. Consult a trustworthy online astrologer to learn in-depth about the birth charts in Vedic and Western astrology.

What Are All Planets Integrated into Calculation?

Compared to the Western version, Vedic astrology ponders its calculations on the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu’s presence in one’s natal chart. As they help calculate human karma and other critical incidents, these shadow planets are a vital element of Vedic astrology.

Astrologers from the Western culture take in Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto while drawing their predictions. However, these planets do not have sufficient influence to correctly replicate human attributes.

The Better Version

All the distinctions we discussed earlier clarify that both Vedic and Western astrology have their individual significance. Western astrology utilizes a unique system quite similar to an open system where the old methods aren’t given much attention to produce the natal chart.

In the Vedic form of astrology, the conventional approaches create the foundation of calculation and equivalence. The external celestial bodies aren’t utilized in this because viewing them with bare eyes is impossible. The planetary bodies in Vedic astrology are directly associated with vitalizing factors like yoga, Ayurveda, and other spiritual assets.

Vedic astrology also utilizes various methods to offset the adverse effects of planets in our life, including colour therapy, mantra therapy, and astrological gemology. The Western version can’t meet the incredible potency of the Vedic system because Western Astrology does not provide such a remedy.

In Western astrology, astrologers emphasize on a sun sign that is immovable for a month. On the other hand, the astrologers in Vedic astrology give importance to the moon fixed for 2.25 days.

Which One Is More Detailed?

The depth and accuracy of the Vedic form of astrology are incomparable. Western astrology cannot meet the insightful layers of the Vedic system of knowledge and understanding. Nakshatras are used in Vedic astrology to refine the meaning and expression of the chart.

Final Verdict

In comparison with Western astrology, Vedic astrology could be a bit more complex and less immovable in position. This makes many people think that this makes Vedic astrology more precise. Since the Vedic version is more detailed and consults a lot more moving pieces, it is decidedly less generic compared to Western readings.

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