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What to think about when building a house

Must Try

In building a house before starting construction work, we must have a clear purpose in mind. The designers are architects and engineers. It helps to translate thoughts and needs in the mind. came out as a construction or a three-dimensional model Clearly seen before the actual construction.

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First, the homeowner must have a house plan. Or the atmosphere of the house that you want to keep in mind. Homeowners may find this information from various sources such as home design books, home and decoration magazines. trade show about house construction home building work Or maybe take a tour from the housing estate project, which will have the advantage of seeing the real thing

Traveling to different places may give us a broader perspective. Seeing the atmosphere that thinks “yes” will be very helpful. If we have a picture the desired atmosphere for the designer to Continue the design

Homeowners often have a dream house design, but sometimes it is difficult to convey the concept to the designer and translate it into a tangible form. the most Including budget information provided.

house construction cost

Budgeting by the homeowner It must be done during the design phase is the best because it is a joint determination between the homeowner and the designer.

Good designers will design by taking into account the budget set by the owner if the needs of the homeowner are greater. prepared budget The designer must immediately notify the homeowner before proceeding to the next stage of the construction work.

Preliminary construction cost estimation It can be estimated from the initial drawing which shows the plan, side, and cross-section in order to calculate usable space. in square meters, then the designer will choose the price per square meter that Appropriate as shown in the sample price table. square meters of usable space. The price of such construction will tend to increase over time. As for the construction of a house that is far away, for example, you are going to build a holiday house on Koh Samui, it will definitely be more expensive than building a house in Surat Thani. material transportation cost and more increase

for that usable area Architects will have a way. Calculated according to the theory that the area must be used. how much for what use for area use According to the needs of the homeowner, you may use the form to check the information above, for example, how much do you want the number of bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, office, movie room and other rooms or the owner may not want different rooms. Strictly separated by use, but may use one room in several usable benefits For other room sizes, please refer to the attachment attached to Chapter 1.

However, the usable area and budget are things that go together. The more space, the more budget. construction will be high as well so the landlord Must determine how much budget there is in the construction work by what level of quality of construction work is, for example, the floor surface decoration may be specified, covered with redwood parquet, size 19 mm x1-1/4 inches x8-1/2 inches, price Materials and installation, paint about 700 baht per square meter. or laying real teak wood into the tongue, size 4 inches, 40 by 50 meters, the price of materials and paint installation is about 2,500 baht per square meter (estimated price in 2007), or if using more luxurious materials, it will affect the price increase as well.

When the designer receives the problem from the homeowner, the designer’s duty must be to solve the problem. And prepare a preliminary design showing a plan, a side view, and a brief section, together with an estimation of the initial construction cost from the area used for examination so that the homeowner can study the feasibility. in terms of finance before making a hiring decision Design the next detail layer.

the possibility of house construction project

When the design work on the tree is completed and the initial budget has been obtained. homeowners should do The total budget is shown in the table below. budgeting for home construction projects to see the readiness of the next construction project

Price estimation must use a model. Preliminary construction approved by the owner By calculating usable area in square meters from the drawing Plan and then multiply by the appropriate construction cost per square meter.

However, the designer may be the one making the estimate. Giving or giving is good. The owner should have a consulting engineer. or the work control team to start work during this period too For an example of price estimation Initially, it was used to build a 2-storey house consisting of 2-storey residential areas. Storage area, garage, and area plan as detailed below, which can estimate the price. The construction budget is as follows. From the above example of price estimation It can be seen that it is generally calculated from the usable area. in square meters Multiply by the construction price of the house per square meter. in other work like a fence about Price per fence length (meter) fence gate calculated per

for interior work and equipment home appliances According to the example, it is only 5,000 baht per square meter. considered quite low to moderate, with some houses may use the budget The decoration is equal to the construction of the house or in some cases it may be more.

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