Archon Quests Unveiled – Genshin Impact Account Storyline Overview

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Lady Furina, the new Fontaine archon, is well-loved among her people as an icon of justice and is regarded highly.

She unveils that Leeway is related to both Traveler and third descender – adding further intrigue and mystery. Additionally, she asserts that a new era has begun and Leeway must move forward. To buy genshin impact account visit iGV.

Chapter I: Act III

On November 3, 2023, Genshin Impact fans were treated to an exciting live stream featuring many exciting updates. Version 4.2 included new characters such as five-star Hydro Archon Furina and four-star Cryo healer Charlotte, along with various events and features such as main story quest involving Paimon (the Traveler).

After Nahida answers your questions outside Sabzeruz Samsara, you’ll be taken to Treasures Street where the Traveler and Paimon talk to Tighnari who left them a coded message they quickly decoded. After traveling west towards Sumeru where Setaria will reveal details regarding Archon War and mass dream harvest scheme (determined by World Level), chapter will open once an Adventure Rank threshold has been met (currently it appears around 90 or higher).

Chapter II: Act IV

The Traveler continues to visit all the nation Archons, gathering intelligence about their missing sibling and the Abyss Order threat. While in Sumeru, they foil efforts by Akademiya’s sages and Dottore to overthrow Lesser Lord Kusanali and install Scaramouche as an artificial god.

Fontaine, where Bosacius had once lived, Bosacius is revealed as an Archon who became insane following 500 years ago’s massacre. Although Traveler can dispel him, his karma appears tainted.

With this chapter, the Fontaine Archon Chapter now surpasses that of Prologue Chapter and Sumeru for initial acts length. However, many players remain dissatisfied that HoYoverse has yet to add a full-length story chapter for Mondstadt despite numerous requests by players.

Chapter III: Act V

Traveler and Paimon return the lyre to the cathedral when Signora overhears their conversation, diverting it and managing to grab Venti’s Gnosis before fleeing away with it. Venti pursues her to his temple but before reaching him escapes into the sky.

Traveler and Nahida encounter Ganyu outside Liyue Harbor who claims she comes on behalf of Ningguang to investigate an unusual event that recently transpired.

Traveler and Nahida visit Dainsleif who is conducting investigations into the Abyss Order. While traveling together, Dainsleif reveals he has a twin; teaser breakdowns and leaks suggest this will be their first meeting of Hydro Abyss Herald in Fontaine’s storyline.

Chapter IV: Act VI

After an extended and difficult battle, Travelers manage to save Nahida and defeat The Balladeer. Now, they must follow the advice of an envoy they encounter and discover where Childe is.

At the Opera, Travelers witness Furina being terrified. Neuvillette explains that Egeria made Oceanids humanoid by injecting Primordial Sea water into their blood vessels; should their blood come into contact with water from real seas it would cause its dissolution.

But, Travelers explains, Fontaine citizens were suspicious that she might know where the Gnosis lies and prompted a trial for her Hydro Archon status. Travelers promises Travelers that he will see to her needs being taken care of; also at Third-Round Knockout they find out that this mysterious character named Ganyu will soon join Genshin Impact!

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